Policies and Terms

Return / Refund Policy

First on Colour will refund the costs of purchase, tax, shipping and handling; of any product that is solely through the fault of First on Colour: damaged, mismanaged, or made to incorrect specifications.

Privacy Policy

  1. We will obtain information:
    • From the client to ship to where and/or who they specify.
    • from those effected, to contact and deal with customer service issues.
    • as required by law.
    • to respond to claims your personalized products violate the rights of a third party.
    • to protect the rights and properties of First on Colour
  2. When we will, and will not share information with others:
    • First on Colour will not, trade, rent, or sell personal or company information without clear and prior consent.
    • Companies and individuals that work with, or on behalf of First on Colour, will receive customer information necessary to complete the order. (e.g. shipping companies receiving addresses and names to deliver)
    • First on Colour will share gathered information with authorities when compelled to by law.

Terms & Conditions of use

This site and its contents are the property of First on Color and are protected by copyright, and international laws.

ACCEPTANCE OF POLICY, TERMS, AND CONDITIONS: The use of this site dictates an acceptance of all policies, terms, and conditions; and stands as an agreement to comply with all terms, conditions, and policies of the site.

PRICING ERRORS: We strive to have accurate and up to date prices listed on an error free site, we do not guarantee that any information or content is completely accurate. If we discover price errors, they will be fixed, the customer will be contacted, and if the customer accepts the corrected price it will apply to their order. We reserve the right to revoke any offer, at any time, to correct errors and/or missing information.

STOCK: First on Colour reserves the right to discontinue products or product lines at any point in time, without notice.


EXTRA FEES / TAXES: The prices listed on FirstonColour.com are listed in CDN (Canadian) dollars and are valid, and effective only within Canada, and the United States of America. While we strive for accuracy, the prices listed may not include extra handling, shipping, taxes, and fees depending on the customer’s locality, and/or shipping choices.


CLAIMS OF PLAGIARISM / ILLEGITMATE USE: All images and media used by the site Firstoncolour.com is either the property of firstoncolour.com, royalty-free, or legally acquired in its use. Any concerns regarding the illegitimate use of any media, software, or text on the site will be responded to, and appropriately dealt with in a timely manner.


HARASSMENT & MALICIOUS ACTIONS: You agree not to attempt or participate in harassment or malicious actions against this site, its users, or its organizations, including but not limited to: DOS attacks, theft, impersonation, misrepresentation, slander, libel, unauthorized access, spam of any form, and improper use of firstoncolour.com media or branding.


TRANSFER OF USER AND CUSTOMER INFORMATION: In the event of the sale of the business, First on Colour reserves the right to transfer all user information to the new owner of First on Colour as part of the transfer of the company.

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